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A Box of Goodies for Christmas

A Box of Goodies for Christmas:

HolidaysChristmas is once again upon us, and the giving spirit of CCP has emerged from its gross cocoon to terrorize the universe once again. This time the festivities are spread across the next couple of weeks.

Just in time to ring in Acadian Remembrance Day, you’ll be able to log in and smack the Redeem Items button. Your reward for doing this will be a brand new snowball launcher and a pile of snowballs to use with it. Anyone who was around the last time CCP did this knows that this is a terrific tool for fun AND griefing of the unsuspecting. In other words, perfect for EVE players.

Τετάρτη, 12 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Slow bleed

With the CSM in Iceland pretty much... oh... now, I thought it would be useful to revisit Snapcount one more time this year.  The CSM operates best when they have hard numbers in front of them, I think.

Let's start with this:

Πέμπτη, 6 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Aftermath of the Mining Barge Changes (Price Indices - October 2012)

It’s been a while since we released a dev blog on the New Eden price indices and the things that affect them. The last dev blog on the subject discussed the effect of the changes in loot drops, the Burn Jita event and Hulkageddon. These had a major impact on the supply and price of minerals and ice.
The focus of this blog stays on the price of minerals and ice. We will look at the effect of the fundamental changes to mining barges and exhumers, which were deployed in Inferno 1.2 on August 8. The smaller mining barges and exhumers were given specialized roles, instead of being inferior versions of the bigger ships. The Procurer and the Skiff now have superior defenses, while the Retriever and the Mackinaw have the largest ore holds. The Covetor and the Hulk still have the best mining yield, even though the other were given yield bonuses to compensate for fewer mining hardpoints.
We’ll start by looking at the effect on manufacturing. The following graph shows the number of each type of mining barge produced since the end of 2005. The reason for showing the series so far back into antiquity, is to emphasize how little this series tends to change.

click to enlarge

Πέμπτη, 29 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Amazing Level 2 Mission Boat

 Just a quickie while I do the final editing pass on the second CSM post.  But I had to share.  This ship does Level 2 missions like nobody's business:

...well, the Level 2 missions you can warp a battleship into, anyway.

I've seen bad fits before.  I've killed bad fits before.  I've posted bad fits on this blog.  And I try to avoid publicly shaming stupid people.  But never before have I seen a ship where, quite literally, nearly every single little thing on the kill-mail was wrong.  There's literally only a single thing fit to this entire ship that's right.  Can you guess what it is?(1)  Everything, and I do mean everything else is wrong.  The guns, the smart bombs, the hysterically bad shield tank, the even worse armor tank, the drones, the cap power relays, the dead-space MWD...

It would be very difficult to fit a Napoc more badly than this.

Know how hard this ship tanks?  111 DPS.  That's it: 111.  Except against lasers (he was in Blood Raider space).  Against lasers, it tanks 87.  But hey, it's cap-stable, right?  That's the important thing.(2)

If only that were his only loss, but there's another...

(1) It's the Semiconductor rig.
(2) No it isn't.

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OK, fair warning: this is going to be a goofy little post, the first of two.  The topic is EVE Online's CSM generally, and eventually, that little document they produced the other day specifically.  We're going to delve into communications theory, the history of the CSM, and a little bit of politics.  During the course of these posts, I might seem to get off track quite a ways but don't worry: it all gets tied together at the end.  Are these two posts long?  Are they tagged "geek philosophy"?  You betcha.

For this first post, I'm going to use a somewhat old-fashioned writing technique: the old school "theme" statement, complete with 1950s-syle moral judgement.  Ready?
The best CSMs, for both players and CCP alike, have been activist CSMs... the more activist, the better.

Πέμπτη, 22 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Fit of the Week: Salvage Myrmidon

"That ship can do that?" month continues, this time with a PvE-focused fit.  With Retribution finally, finally releasing the long-awaited salvage drone and the Catalyst about to lose its small drone bay, it's sort of my last chance to trot out a goofy little creature: the salvage Myrmidon.  This one has a story, that starts in the dawn of mission-running.  Keep in mind as you read that all of this is long before the Noctis was ever dreamt of by CCP.

Back in those cold, dark days when tractor beams were fitted to Ravens and before every mission-runner had a salvage alt, someone got the cute idea to fit salvagers and tractor beams to destroyers.  They had eight high slots, after all: perfect for four of each.  Salvage destroyers quickly became a thing and they were so easy to train into.  And over time, that's what encouraged a lot of high-sec players to actually get a second account in the first place.  A cheap alt could follow the mission-runner around in said salvage destroyer and greatly increase the missioner's income, more than doubling ISK/hour.  That more than paid for the cost of the account... and later caused CCP to nerf salvaging because some players were becoming wealthy (for that time) using this tactic.

Eve Online Retribution site shows new Destroyers, details bounty system overhaul

Eve Online’s next expansion is on the event horizon, bringing promised NPC AI upgrades, four new Destroyers, a new ORE frigate, rebalanced ship classes and new “tactical combat features,” which equates to some UI streamlining. The bounty hunting system will get an interesting makeover as well. Major bounties will scroll across Eve’s floating space-billboards and the reward system for successful hunts has been tweaked to make bounty hunting a valid career choice for budding Boba Fetts.
A detailed run-down of Retribution’s features can be found on the new Retribution site, which even has an interactive preview utility for the new ships that lets you rotate them in space and tickle their bellies, because spaceships love it when you do that. For deeper detail regarding the December 4 update, check out the CCP dev blog.

Τετάρτη, 21 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Bounties, Kill Rights, New Modules and War in Retribution

Bounties, Kill Rights, New Modules and War in Retribution:

Hello Capsuleers. I’m CCP SoniClover from Team Super Friends here to tell you some more about what the team’s been working on for Retribution. This blog is a follow up on the first one I did, which covered our work on a high level. I recommend you skim over that one if you haven’t already, as this blog assumes the reader has at least rudimentary knowledge of what’s going on. But I’ll quickly summarize what the team has been working on – we’ve been re-doing the broken bounty system so that now bounty is paid out proportionally based on the loss inflicted in a kill. We’ve refactored the kill right system so that players can now get others to help in exacting revenge on their former assailants. We’re also continuing to iterate on the war system and adding and adjusting a few modules.
The team has used the time since the last dev blog to implement, refine and polish the features, taking into account feedback from various sources – the CSM, the forums, test servers and so on. This feedback has resulted in us making some adjustments to our work and priorities and will be discussed in more details below.
On the whole, we’re on track to deliver what we set out to deliver. A few items have fallen of the to-do-list, but there are a few new ones on it instead. We aim to continue working on these features post-Retribution, so expect further iteration down the road. We’ll keep you posted on the details here as the time comes.
So without further ado, let’s look at some of the stuff we’ve been doing.

I’ve seen the future and it will be transparent

I’ve seen the future and it will be transparent:
with apologies to Prince
The Retribution expansion to Eve Online has already shown some upgrades to the targeting UI, with previews already available on the test server.
And yeah, they are an improvement.
The world has moved on from the quasi-8 bit user interface of the nineties, no matter how awesome it appears in movies.

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So i decided to break some balls ,last night

Fun fact: I bumped an orca, about 70km from the ice roid, and four hulks, started their slow aproach towards her. When they all catch up, they started slowboating towards the roid. I got bored of bumping and left, and they were still slowboating...

Τρίτη, 30 Οκτωβρίου 2012

Best in class 2012

Best in class 2012: A year ago in October, I wrote a little post in which I listed what I thought were the "best in class" ships in each ship class.  With Retribution coming up and a lot of ship changes in store for us at the T1 frigate and cruiser level, I thought it would be fun to update that post for the new year.  This isn't anything I'll be doing often, but "once a year" feels about right for this kind of post.

Last year, I excluded faction ships of all kinds from the list.  This year, I'm going to include them in their own categories.  But I'll still be excluding tournament ships this year.  Without further ado...

Κυριακή, 20 Μαΐου 2012

Talos vs Tornado

Most hulk pilots don't fit awesome tanks. They suck. I was curious to know if there is a cheap fit that can solo one of the most awesome tanks.  Like this one:

Τρίτη, 1 Μαΐου 2012

Game of Clones!

After about 1 week , of modelling, animating , rendering and suicide ganking, it's ready!

There are a few bugs, that i saw after the render was complete , and was bored to correct...

To be honest, i didn't expect it to gain so much popularity :P

Here are some work in progress screenshots :

Τρίτη, 24 Απριλίου 2012

Work in progress

So the quick draft received good critics (one) so imma gonna continue this.
Here some pics , and remember it's still work in progress.

More soon ®

Τρίτη, 13 Μαρτίου 2012

4 years!

 Four years of Eve online... Unbelievable. You see i am a fps guy. I don't like mmos. Nor mmorpgs. Still don't.
I like direct instant action with no consequences.
I am a counterstrike guy. Battlefield even.
Until one day a RL friend of mine (seen on the screen shot) Suggested this game.
"it's awesome, it has spaceships, everything on one server"
"Awesome"I thought.
"But it's an mmo, it has lots of menus and buttons, and it is very difficult" He concludes.
"Well then, why do you even talk about it?"I replied.
"Just give it a shot, it has a 14 day trial, if you do not like it , then just delete it" He said.

Τετάρτη, 25 Ιανουαρίου 2012

It's been too long

It's been far too long since i've been in a fleet. A fleet of justice. But it doesn't matter.
What matters is that apparently a fleet with logistics and stuff isn't like a bicycle. I totally forgot everything.
FC was yelling fire at the mother ship and i kept scrolling on my overview which was full of planets, objects, my fleet, and the care bears....  and brackets on . :|

Anyway, kill it with fire.

(yeah that is robotech OST)